• Dangerous goods
  • Live animals
  • Perishable goods
  • Items, wood, products, goods – which require a certain temperature regime
  • Bulk goods
  • Household chemicals
  • Transport equipment
  • Auto transport
  • Construction materials

The plane overcomes long distances in a matter of hours without having obstacles in the air. This is a fastest way to deliver all cargo – oversized, combined, high-security, special, and dangerous. The advantage is the term of delivery and the absence of queues at customs.

Easy Charter airline performs air transportation around the world, for example – when air transportation of animals, animals are not on the road for a long time, so they do not feel hungry, fear or stress, as when delivering by some other method or transport. The carrier is responsible for the safety of cargo in Easy Charter air transportation, so he/she always responsibly monitors the condition of the cargo being transported.